E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce Website Design

SR Consultancy find that e-commerce website design services helps you a lot in leveraging the power of internet with which you can directly impact your revenue.

SR Consultancy, e-commerce website design services turns your business into global enterprise and better services with interactive features.

A web designer needs to consider a variety of online selling principles while designing an eCommerce website. In this article we will try to take a look at some of the major design aspects that you must have in an eCommerce website.

A good eCommerce website design will lead the visitor to the right page in one click or two at the most. Sometime web designers will use techniques that would never be considered for non-eCommerce websites. Everyone has seen at least one sales letter website. On these web pages the only link is to the order form. Sales letters are not the most typical eCommerce website because they usually sell only one product. That allows the web designer the ability to exaggerate the one click principle and make it an advantage. All the facts about the product have been presented to the user is a smart way while every few lines he has the option to click on the order form. If he is not yet convinced he will have the option to continue to read more facts and testimonials about the products. Believe it or not, those sales letter websites are actually selling.

Our eCommerce website design features are

  • Attractive Home Page
  • Custom Front End
  • User Registration and Account Setup
  • Product Catalog
  • Shopping Cart Set Up
  • Currency Converter
  • Payment Gateway Integration

our Process

We do not move stage untill you are completely satisfied

Step 1

Telephone consultation so we can get a good understanding of what you are looking for.

Step 2

We then design the look of your website and show you a image for you to approve

Step 3

Next we design in code your website then show you the final piece of work

Step 4

We hand over the original source files with all the resources used to create the custom design.

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